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Activities Rainer Hensel composes and produces applied music for film, television, theatre and commercials. Experience: Rainer has played the violin in an orchestra; he has played in pop, punk, ska, jazz and tango bands. The styles he composes and produces vary from classical music like orchestral pieces, aria's, to piano cello/ violin/ viola pieces; from pop styles like singer songwriter music to heavy metal guitar styles, from tango to jazz or from dance to hip hop. Network; Rainer has a great network of different musicians and singers, each bringing his/ her unique talents playing or singing specific musical styles. Examples: rough or mild voiced pop singers, oboe-, clarinet-, trumpet-, bassoon-, bandoneon-, accordion- or guitar players, or violin-, viola- or cello- players. Specialty; One of Rainer's specialties is the production of a unique orchestral sound without using a real orchestra. He has become a specialist, using special production techniques, to combine the Vienna Sound Library with real musicians, mostly originating from the Rotterdam symphonic orchestra. Therefore, he can produce a unique orchestral sound that fits the often-limited budget for the music score. Here you will find the movie "compare real orchestra vs. studio". Two recordings of exactly the same score are cross faded. And then you will find out that the sound of a real orchestra (the Dutch Metropole Orchestra) will not differ a lot from the recordings produced in Rainer's studio.
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